15 July 2005

Friday night arts and crafts

One of the great things about not having a boyfriend/husband is having Friday nights completely free to do things like make bracelets. Sorry about the blur factor. My camera battery is completely shot, and only allows me to take five pictures before it needs to be charged for 24 hours. Do you think I should buy a new one?


Anonymous Kate W. said...


Can I comission you to make a bracelet for me...to do the craft I have neither the time nor the energy to contemplate? (This is an entirely serious request)I drive past the rather unique first-floor window of what used to be your home on the Liverpool Road every school day and still remember having supper with you. How are you? I'm enjoying reading all this all though it feels like a world that I only just know exists...

5:20 PM  
Blogger Excellent Walker said...

You know, I think the people I lived with back then *still* own the place on Liverpool Road? They were supposed to be selling it ten years ago!

Of course I'll make you a bracelet. Do you have any colors you particularly favor?

9:13 PM  
Anonymous Kate W. said...

No, no particular choice of colours except to say I still have a very pale skin. I feel cheeky in asking but I will send you something in return. I suspect the people still do own the house on the Liverpool Road as that window is unmistakeably still the same. How are you?


8:46 AM  

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