10 July 2005

They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway

I left Christina's party too late to walk home over the GW Bridge. Instead, I took one bus from Fort Lee to 175th Street, another to 139th and Amsterdam, a bit of a walk, then a third bus to 109th and Broadway, after which I walked the rest of the way home.

At 92nd and Broadway I saw something you don't see every day in these parts. A 60ish man walking towards me with his arm around a 40ish woman who had on a leather vest, lined with sheepskin. It's in the 80s tonight and humid. The vest was unzipped all the way, revealing the woman's breasts. It made sense in a way. That vest must have been stifling. If she'd have been wearing a t-shirt she'd probably have felt fine. The gang of teenagers in front of me could not stop talking about it after they passed her, and to be honest, I was pretty shocked myself.

More from my second trip to New Jersey in as many days tomorrow.


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