13 July 2005

Technologically challenged

You were going to get a picture today of my most-frequent walk, down Ninth Avenue, on my way to work. It's about a two-mile walk, and I do it most days, if it's not raining, and I've managed to get up on time. Why is it that when I go to bed early, as I did last night (only ten minutes into the 10pm episode of Law & Order), I inevitably sleep later on the other end? I didn't get up until 8 this morning, necessitating some cutting of corners in the dressing and eating departments.

I did, however, remember to put my memory card in my digital camera. There's an island at Columbus Avenue between 65th and 66th streets that looks straight down Ninth Avenue, and when I reached it, I took my camera out for a snap. It wouldn't turn on, no matter how many times I banged the power button. A memory card's no good without a battery.


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