11 July 2005

It took forever to get there

My cousin Christina recently moved to Fort Lee, New Jersey, and despite her claim that she can "get anywhere in New York in under an hour," anytime crossing the George Washington Bridge is involved, time goes into a black hole.

She and John live on Hudson Street, which isn't marked with a sign. N. Hudson is, though, so I thought maybe that was the right way to go, but does this look like someplace people live?

StuntMother and her children were there. Daniel has been interested in space lately, and spent some of the party on the computer, coloring in astronauts and spaceships on the NASA for Kids website. At other times he was asking questions like, "say a star could go into a black hole, and come out the other side? Would it still be a star?" None of the company had an answer for him. I'm still working on the bridge problem.

I've got to get better at this self-portrait thing.

By the time I left, as I mentioned below, it was too late to walk back across the bridge. But even if the sun weren't setting, this sign wasn't very encouraging.


Blogger Stuntmother said...

I'd like to walk over the bridge sometime. It would somehow seem a profound little walk.

11:19 PM  

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