21 June 2006

More of home

I thought my camera was dead. Turns out, after extensive scrutiny from several engineers I work with, it was just broken in a way that could be temporarily fixed with duct tape. Thank god for engineers.

I am making use of every square inch of my apartment. Here you see my bed in the upright and locked position (there will be a cabinet encasing it shortly) and my office nook.

This is what the bed looks like down. I don't think the wall color renders very well in this picture, but it's a very bright dark pink. I had wanted something with a little more blue in it, and maybe a little darker, but by the time I finished painting I wanted nothing so much as to get all the drop cloths, roller pans and ladders out out out, so I am living with it. I like it well enough, and with everything else that's imperfect in my life, what's one more wall?


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