28 March 2006

Do I really want to do this: The Countdown

I had a date last night -- I decided I needed to go on Match.com if I was ever going to meet men who weren't married and/or gay and who might want to date me, and this was the first of those dates I went on; apart from that fact, though, it wasn't distinguished in any way -- and among a few other topics, we talked about my upcoming co-op board interview.

The Date had purchased his apartment 5 years ago, from his father, who had bought it for him to live in 7 years before that. Despite having lived in the building for 7 years, he still had to go through the financial due diligence process and interview with the co-op board. Seven years, and they can't say "oh yeah, you're a pretty good guy"?

He told me not to worry about my interview, because it was only to make sure I was someone they'd want to live with, which is what everyone else has told me. He went on, "they want to see if you're going to embarass the building; you know, if you have blue hair or something."

I should give the date a pass on his phrasing; it was a first date, who isn't nervous? But the idea that something could embarass people who live in an apartment building, and that something could be blue hair makes me worry, once again, that I am doing the wrong thing. Not by buying a place to live. But by buying a place in a big co-op, in a neighborhood that may be politically liberal, but is very conventional in lifestyle, where looking different may be something people would pay money for if it were in a play or an art-house movie, but wouldn't want living next door...

OK, I'm reading too much into the blue hair comment, I know.

It's 34 hours until my interview.


Anonymous Prince of Tides said...

Assuming you don't already have blue hair, you could always see a hairdresser after they let you in. Maybe with a nose ring, or one of those Maori face tattoos. I suspect the Date and others are right: the board wants to make sure you look like them rather than like a Tibetan yak herder.

1:00 PM  
Blogger tammara said...

...not that there's anything wrong with that...
You'll pass with flying colors, so long as none of those flying colors are on your head. Good luck.

2:17 PM  
Blogger Stuntmother said...

I think maybe we should BOTH have blue hair just so people will stop thinking I'm the conservative one.

Good luck. REmember --they're just a rung. It's just a place to live. You jump through the hoop and get something you want.

10:02 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

Yes, but did you get a second ate out of it?
here from Friends of the Friendless Marching Band...HAve a good weekend!

9:33 AM  
Blogger nobody girl said...

Hiya. Marching in with the FFMB. Nothing wrong with blue hair, I always say ... :-P

3:58 PM  
Blogger TNChick said...

Perhaps he just wasn't sure how to make his point and that was the first thing that popped in his head :)

9:13 PM  

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