16 February 2006

I Hate These People: The Co-op Board, Part 3

Why, oh why, must you torture me so, managing agent of the co-op board? Why do you insist that I have my accountant review and sign my financial statement? What if I didn't have an accountant? Not everyone does, you know. There is such a thing as filing your own taxes, and even though I do have an accountant, she has nothing, do you hear me, nothing, to do with anything other than preparing my yearly tax returns. She doesn't look at my bank statements; she doesn't advise me on investments. Why does her review and signature mean anything to you other than that you've gotten me, your faithful dog, to run downtown to her office and write her check? What do you care? It's only money!

(I love my accountant, btw. She spends twice as much time with me as she needs to, because she's such a schmoozer. She'll probably do this for free, but that's not the point.)


Blogger Les Trois Chats said...

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8:50 PM  
Blogger tammara said...

They aren't saying no - take all of this as a positive sign that things are moving forward :-)

8:51 PM  
Blogger Pedestrian Rage said...

Yes, no worries! Just more hoops. It's kind of like an audit of your returns, if you do them yourself. Third party verification so they don't have to do it.... Wouldn't you rather your accountant look at all this stuff and not somebody on the board?

2:02 PM  

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