06 February 2006

Do I really want to do this: The Co-op Board, Part Two

Throughout this home-buying process, the only thing I've been worried about has been the co-op board review of my financial documents. What are they looking for? The ability to pay my bills on time? They know how much I earn in a year and what my credit score is; they know I can pay my bills. My banks have written letters telling them how much money is in my accounts; they know that I have the money for the downpayment. So why should they need to scrutinize my bank statements? Even the bank that's going to lend me close to a quarter mil isn't going to look at the details.

Here's what I think. The details are where the person starts to emerge, the person they are going to be living with. They're looking at how many ATM withdrawals I've made in a month; too many and I'm a poor planner. They're looking at what I've debited; what you buy says a lot about you. If I'd known this co-op purchase was happening so soon, I'd have stopped debiting altogether, but especially stopped the frequent burrito bowls at Chipotle and any purchases at Nancy's Wine for Foods. Will they wonder what I bought at Ricky's, and judge me on the basis of where I get my hair cut? (Devachan; they specialize in curly hair. What if they don't like curly-haired people?)

They're looking at the fact that in January, I went deep into overdraft, due to a pretty stupid clerical error I couldn't correct; they could easily reject me for that alone.

Money money money. I have more money than 5.9 of the 6 billion people alive on the earth today but to the co-op board, I'm nothing.


Blogger tammara said...

At some point you must tell yourself, "If it was meant to be, it will be." It may seem trite and silly, but you've prepared the best you can and they will either accept you or reject you based on who-knows-what. Deep breath - it won't be long before you know. (And if they reject you on the fact of your Chipotle habit, or your curly hair - well, who needs them.)

(btw, thanks for your comment on Pedestrian Rage's page. It is very much appreciated.)

9:12 PM  
Blogger Pedestrian Rage said...

It's pointless to tell you this, but don't worry. It remains embarrassing to look at a stranger's (and likely future neighbor's) financial papers, and there is probably 1 person designated to make the really close look. That person will probably forget everything the next day (except where you get your haircut, because your hair will look so farkin good when you go to your co-op board interview).

8:55 AM  

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