31 January 2006

Do I really want to do this: The Co-op Board, Part One

I'm getting my "board package" together which must include: three personal references; three financial references; a letter from my employer; tax returns from the last two years; financial statement with documentation; and a letter from my current landlord.

All of that I expected.

I didn't expect the $45 fee for a credit check (I'm pretty sure it costs $30), the $75 lead-based paint fee (uh, are they going to put the lead-based paint back on the walls? They don't actually say what they'll do with this money, but there is a statement in the package that says they are required to inspect only if there is a child under six living in the apartment. There isn't. But I still have to pay), a $500 application fee, and a $500 move in/move out fee, to cover any damages incurred during my move.

If the board turns me down, only the last of those is refundable. OK, have the $45 for the credit check, but can you believe the gall of charging someone over $600 to apply to live in your building? And then turning them down? I guess if you live in New York, you can.


Blogger Stuntmother said...

This is amazing. Unbelievable. I find the best way to deal with something as kooky as this is to pretend it's not happening and just do it. Like having to pay $75 just to hear some school tell me that my child is unready for first grade. Yay. Crazy. Only yours is on a much bigger scale.

Go. Go. Go.

7:58 AM  

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