05 October 2005

The horrible, left-turning taxi driver

There are two schools of thought in New York about the best way to avoid getting hit by a turning car. Some people think that you have to entirely ignore the car and its driver; only by showing no fear will the driver respect you enough to slow down.

I take the opposite approach, though. I think you have to look the driver in the eyes, prove to him that you are not just a speed bump to careen over, but a living, breathing creature, who will do whatever it takes to put him in jail for a long time if he harms one hair on your head.

It's harder to do that, though, when the driver is behind you, turning left into you, as opposed to ahead of you, turning right. Pedestrian Rage and I were walking our friend Lael to the crosstown bus at 81st street last night when a taxi driver nearly swiped us from behind. I'm happy to report that we all shouted appropriately non-sensical things at him at the same time.


Blogger Stuntmother said...

That's a great image -- three people yelling those incoherent things you yell at taxi drivers --

9:08 AM  

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