24 September 2005

It's Fall!

On my way into the park this morning, several signs warned me that there was a bike race in progress. When I got to the path, however, there were only the one or two occasional bike riders you'd normally see at 7am on a Saturday morning.

I'd gotten down as far as the Sheep Meadow before I saw them. Fifty or so riders, in a pack, Tour-de-France style. I knew they were individually pedalling their bikes, but even from ten feet away it looked like they were moving as one unit. Like ants, maybe. Or Republicans.

When they lapped me on the other side of the park, things had changed. There were ten bikers in single file, followed directly by another ten or so in pairs, followed by the rest of the pack in pyramid formation. They didn't decide to do this; this elegant formation just happened naturally. Again, like ants. Not so much like Republicans.


The temperature has finally dropped to the 60s during daylight. It's cool and dry today, and the leaves are already falling. Unfortunately, they're all brown. I don't think we got enough water this summer to get the bright yellows and oranges we usually have. Oh well. Things could be much worse.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was probably more intention in that formation than you realized. Cyclists draft behind each other to conserve effort - like the way geese fly in a triangle shape. The lead rider takes the brunt of the force of the air, the riders behind draft off the leader's wake. So not really an accident - strategy.

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