03 November 2008

Too Sad

Several election-related deaths today are making me sad.

Terence Tolbert, the Obama campaign's director in Nevada died yesterday of a heart attack. He was on leave from his position as a New York City Department of Education official, and was only 44.

Christine Durbin, the 40-year-old daughter of the senior senator from Illinois Dick Durbin, died today from congenital heart disease. Senator Durbin, who is up for re-election tomorrow (which he will win easily) has been a major supporter and mentor of Obama since he entered Illinois politics.

Finally, word that Madelyn "Toot" Dunham, Barack Obama's grandmother, who had an enormous role in raising him, died this morning in Hawaii. This was obviously coming soon, but how I wish she could have held on just another couple of days. I'm sure she did, too.



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