04 May 2007

I Have the Coolest Apartment

Apartment Therapy is running their annual "Smallest Coolest Apartments" contest, and since I have a very small, very cool apartment, and since, a few weeks ago when I looked to see what the competition was like, I discovered that my apartment was much cooler than the others, I sent in an entry on the last day they were accepting them.

Then I discovered that everyone else had also waited until the last minute, and AT had gotten a ton of entries. I was disappointed not to see mine chosen, but since the quality of the others went up signficantly, I wasn't that surprised.

Except that yesterday, on the next-to-last-day of the preliminaries, they posted mine!

This is where you come in. The way it works is that the entries that get the most popular votes go on to official, professional-type judging. There are so many fantastic apartments up there that I don't think I have a chance of actually winning, but I'd like to get to the "it's an honor just to be nominated" stage, so I need votes from the site's viewers. And you. And the person who sits next to you at work. If you were inspired to leave a comment, like "gee, that's kind of amazing that she fit a bed into that small space, " or "wow, that green wall is so cheerful; that apartment must be one pleasant spot," so much the better, but it's not necessary.

You have some very limited amount of time in which to do this -- I think until Saturday. If I do end up winning, I'll be sure to mention you all in my acceptance speech!



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