02 January 2007

Black Tuesday

The BBC World Service reported this morning on "Black Tuesday," and since the BBC broadcasts from London, they weren't referring to October 29, 1929, but rather the first day back to work after the long holiday, i.e., today. Most people in England had nearly two solid weeks off, and coming back to their day-to-day lives after the expenses, physical, emotional and financial, of Christmas and New Year's, is, according to the BBC, in a word: depressing.

Well, duh.

Apparently today is a bumper day for divorce lawyers, credit counselors and car mechanics in England. I only had a few days off, but looking back over the last few weeks, all I can see is a blur of parties, booze and fancy chocolates. And my family. I somewhat managed to stick to my budget for presents, so the January credit card bill won't be a surprise, but there's no way I'm getting on the scale.


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