16 July 2006

Broken glass

I travelled out to Northport, Long Island yesterday to visit a college friend who just had a baby. Six months ago. I guess that's hardly just, but I have a hard time getting myself together. The baby, like his two brothers, is adorable, her husband is as nice as ever, their house is a cheerful jumble of toys and books, they have very worthwhile and fulfilling jobs, and they seem genuinely happy, damn them. They no longer like their two dogs, though, so at least there's one thing not perfect about them.

The Huntington LIRR station has 20 or so stained glass windows portraying various fishing-related scenes (it's on the water). This one window I fixated on featured a swordfish, seen in the last photo.


Blogger Stuntmother said...

Holy cow, I love those photographs. You must frame them (IKEA rocks) and place them in a series in your amazing new place.

Really, those are great.

11:56 AM  

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