18 December 2005

Getting an early start

I know it's traditional to think about New Year's resolutions after Christmas, in the post-holiday haze of over-indulgence, but after having had a really rough Friday night and all-day Saturday, I woke up this morning thinking virtuously of leafy green salads and of devoting my life to worthy causes.

(As an aside, I know that I have a problem with delegation. If something is my responsibility, I want it to be done well, and unless you trust the person you are delegating to, how can you be sure that the result is what you want? I practiced this week on the office holiday party, normally mine to plan. But I resent the fact that I am supposedly 'management' at my job and yet also have to field questions about why the Coke machine is broken again, so I was happy to give most of the arrangements over to Sarah. I love Sarah. She's Paul's younger sister, going into the Peace Corps in Guinea next month, in need of a few months' work. We had an opening. She's been perfect. Except for this. Do not put the WASPs in charge of a party unless you want there to be ten times more booze than food.)

It's Sunday morning, I've recovered, and so far, this is what I'm planning, apart from the leafy green salads: finish at least some part of my book (I won't kid myself that I will finish it entirely); read something I've written aloud, to an audience that includes strangers; take better care of myself, generally; specifically, get back on an 'every six months' dentist schedule, continue swimming every Saturday, go back to yoga, cut back on chocolate chip cookie consumption; consider training to walk in a marathon; find some way to be involved in the anti-war movement that isn't just going to a march and holding a clever sign.

How about you?


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