07 December 2005

Step 1: Don't eat

I will do anything for my choir.

The Basses have been struggling, particularly lately. Our concert is a week away and they don't know the notes! Our usually patient conductor got angry with them last week, which we all appreciated, and admonished them to spend extra time practicing during the week, though I think a few of us would have liked it if he'd punctuated his request with a music stand thrown at the section. And so, when the affable ex-football player Bass asked last night if I had any more CDs of the music we're singing, because he'd never heard it and thought it might help him with his part, of course I promised to drop it off with his doorman this morning on my way to work.

It's 25 degrees and windy today, and the affable Bass lives completely out of the way of my regular work route, but walking down a different street for a change did give me the opportunity to see something curious and funny. St. Stephen's and Christ Church on 69th Street has, like all churches, a sign outside, posting service times, rectory numbers, and a schedule of notable church events, including this gem: Beginner Anorexia.

Considering that this is a season of excess, they may be onto something...


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