27 April 2010

Stopped in My Tracks: Oh Just Cut It Out Already

Outside Madison Square Park, the verbally abusive sign wearer again. Next to him, a woman, also wearing a sign:
It's not a hoax.
I was verbally abusive.

No, it didn't make any sense to me, either.

As I passed the VASW he was saying to someone who'd stopped, "It's been great. We're really touching people." The woman added, "I'm Megan."

Of course she was. Since the VASW showed up last week, he and Megan have been in the news a lot -- he was being sincere; he's an actor looking for attention; they're both actors with day jobs. Looking for attention.

Well, you've got it, Megan and Jeff. Not sure what you plan to do with it, but here it is, your attention. Now go away.


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